New NFL Rule in 2015

After last night’s Super Bowl, which New England won on a goal line interception, the NFL is considering a new rule for 2015. The rule is designed to rectify the “point inequality” that exists in the NFL and would work like this. At any time in a game the NFL can decide that one team has too many points and make a re-allocation of those points between the two teams, thus making equality in points. So far this is proposed only for individual games but insiders say that there could be league-wide re-allocations during the course of the season so that by the end of the year all teams have approximately the same number of points.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that the idea for this plan came from the Obama administration’s idea of income inequality and redistribution. “The top [NFL] teams just aren’t paying their fair share in points. They’re accumulating too many and leaving 90% of the teams with less. Redistribution means that a few pay more so everyone can have more.” Further, Commissioner Goodell said, “this is just another step toward parity in the league. No one wants to watch perennial losers. It’s good for the all the teams and good for America.”

It’s just common sense that point inequality, like income inequality, fuels class tension. Imagine how the outcome of last night’s game would have been had the point equality rule been in effect. When rookie Malcolm Butler intercepted Russel Wilson’s ill-advised pass on the 1-yard line, the game was all but over. However, with Tom Brady in the end zone the Patriots couldn’t take a knee and run out the clock. They had to run one play at least and gain some ground. That play resulted in an ugly fight between the two teams.  Had the point equality rule been in effect Seattle could have been allocated two of New England’s points right after the interception, making the score 26-26. That would have eliminated any frustration on the part of the Seahawks over having fewer points than New England and avoided the messiness of the brawl.

I for one applaud Commissioner Goodell and the NFL’s move and hope this rule goes into effect before the start of the 2015 season. And thanks again to the Obama Administration for leading the way in social engineering.