Signs of the Times?

The violence between Israel and Hamas has continued for four weeks. By some counts over 3,000 missiles have been launched against Israel. Around the world, anti-Israel sentiment is growing. Israel is becoming more isolated. Is this a sign of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ?

The Old Testament prophet Zechariah predicted that “I [The Lord] will gather all nations to battle against Jerusalem.” This is a prophecy concerning the Last Days and precedes the Second Coming.

If this is indeed a fulfillment of Zechariah, Israel should prepare for worse times to come. He goes on to say that Jerusalem will fall, half the city will be taken, houses will be destroyed and women will be brutally raped (ravished). Apparently this occupation will last for about three and one-half years, for John the Revelator says that Jerusalem will be “tread under foot” for forty-two months.  During this time “two prophets” will preach in the streets. Eventually the two will be killed and the world will rejoice for three days, until the prophets rise from the dead.

Some may say that the conflict between Israel and Hamas is just the latest in thousands of years of religious war and has no significance. It’s always possible to pooh-pooh events that the Bible predicts. People will find connections between current events and Nostradamus but disbelieve Biblical prophecy. Yet the Bible has much to say regarding Israel. For example, for 2,400+ years Israel had no sovereignty, from the time Jerusalem fell in about 500 B.C. until 1948 when the nation of Israel was formed. Ezekiel predicted this event:  I “will gather them [the children of Israel] from every side and bring them into their own land.” Then, suddenly, the world recognized the state of Israel. It’s kind of hard for Israel to stand alone if Israel doesn’t exist. Now it exists and now it appears it is standing alone.