Is Morality Relevant?

The Supreme Court ruled last week that same-sex marriage is legal in the United States. This surprised almost no one. I predicted same-sex marriage would become the law of the land in an earlier post. In that post I wrote that while I was gratified to see the Sixth Circuit address the majority’s view of what is moral as a basis on which to consider the issue, I believed that, in the end, marriage would be found to be a fundamental right. And so it is.

My question now is, is the issue of morality relevant to any discussion of personal behavior anymore? Or, perhaps more narrowly, is the issue of decency relevant? Decency and morality are not quite synonyms but one definition of decency is “social or moral properties.” In that light, which of the following are decent or moral:

gay-marriage-460  breastfeeding-in-public-300x168

public nudity

The first picture is legal; the Supreme Court told us that. Is it moral or decent? The second, depicting public breastfeeding, is a controversial issue. In some places it’s legal; in others it violates decency laws. But is it moral or decent regardless of its morality? The third is illegal everywhere in the United States. In fact, it probably violates Facebook’s posting standards. It’s illegal and most people would say immoral or indecent.

The question is, what is the difference between each of these? All involve behavior that doesn’t affect anyone else. That was the rallying cry of the same-sex marriage proponents: How does my marriage affect your life? The same question can be asked with respect to each of the other two pictures. How does two women breastfeeding affect your life? How does a naked person in public affect your life?

Some may argue that I’m trivializing the same-sex marriage issue but I disagree. Marriage is a social custom. It’s deeply rooted in society but it’s not natural, i.e., occurring in nature, regardless of whether it is same-sex or heterosexual. Breastfeeding is natural. It’s not a social custom, it’s a fact of nature. The same can be said of the condition of being unclothed. All animals except humans are naked and even humans are born into the world naked.

Without going into a debate about whether any of the three pictures is moral, the question is, does morality even have a place in modern debate over personal behavior?

One thought on “Is Morality Relevant?

  1. In your definition of decency, I believe you meant to say “social or moral proprieties” instead of “… properties”. Apologies for getting trivial. Though I often don’t share your viewpoint, I always enjoy your writing style.

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