Welcome to Steve’s Pen


I’m Steve and I live in Logan, Utah, with my wife Nancy. We have six kids, all grown and out of the house. I’ve been an attorney since . . . . well almost forever. I’ve realized that I’m much closer to the end of my career than the beginning. I never won the million dollar case, never argued the landmark case (and won) before the Supreme Court, didn’t become a judge (never wanted to be one), never really got the brass ring they promised us in law school. But it’s OK because it’s been a good ride by and large. I can say I helped a lot of people, although in many cases it was just trying to stop the bleeding.

I pretend to write and have four unfinished novels on my hard drive. I like photography and I still play the clarinet in a community orchestra. I love my family and being around our adult kids. I have two other blogs, one on being prepared for whatever and a legal blog on my website.

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