Getting Creative with Carbs

As with Meatless August last year, one of the challenges in a low-carb diet is finding a replacement for the ubiquitous potato. Almost every meal has potatoes as a side. If it isn’t potatoes, it’s pasta or rice. Bread is almost ever-present as well. So far just avoiding pasta, rice and most bread hasn’t been too difficult. But potatoes present a real obstacle.

So I’ve gotten creative with squash and beans. Last night I cooked some rib eye steaks directly on the coals. Instead of potatoes our side was a stuffed zucchini. I cut the zucchini length-wise, scooped out the seeds and filled the hollows with a mixture of diced celery, onions and jalapenos, held together with cream cheese.  Then I baked the zucchini at 350 for about 30 minutes.The other side dish was a bean and corn salad that’s intended to be used like salsa with chips but is great by itself. This morning I took 1/4 of the zucchini that wasn’t eaten, removed the filling, diced it and fried it alongside my eggs. It made a more than passable substitute for hash brown potatoes.

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