One Week!

Today is Day 7 of low-carb August. Since I’m doing this to try to lose weight, and make my blood work look better at my upcoming annual physical (where I’ll be reminded I’m overdue for a colonoscopy, but that’s another story), I’m anxious to see what the scale shows tomorrow morning.

The first week has revealed a few things. First, I don’t think I’m as committed to this as I was to Meatless August. I say that because I’ve already slipped a couple of times and changed the rules. It’s my experiment and I’ll make the rules….. Anyway, the weekend, with family events, was difficult to stay on track.  And I’m finding it harder to say what carbs fall into the forbidden zone and what carbs just need to be cut back on.

So my two rule changes are: potatoes, rice and pasta are forbidden. Bread is not forbidden but it’s disfavored. That means an occasional roll as a side but no sandwiches, hamburgers or hot dogs with buns; pizza; or breakfast meals like French toast, pancakes or waffles. Essentially anything where bread serves as the foundation of the meal. That’s change #1. Change #2 is, depending on the circumstances, I’m allowing myself one cheat day a week. I used this change on Sunday when our son had us over for hamburgers, hot dogs, and bratwurst. I allowed myself one small serving of pasta salad, but had no bun for my burger or bratwurst. I did, however, eat more than a serving of potato chips.

Monday I was back at it. Eggs for breakfast. As much as I love eggs, I think once or twice a week low fat yogurt with granola or bran in it will add variety. Cottage cheese with tuna, raw cauliflower and broccoli, chopped celery and a spoonful of mustard; string cheese; cherries and strawberries for lunch. Dinner was a small pork chop, salad, and one-half of a zucchini stuffed with sausage and cream cheese.

Finally, and this is off topic, but I entered three photographs in the Cache County Fair. Here they are.

November campground, black and white category


What are you looking at? Human interest category

Into the storm. Scenic category


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