Black bean burgers

One of the meats I like best is a juicy hamburger with lettuce, tomato, onion — all the fixings. Tonight I wanted a burger, so I made one: a chipotle black bean burger. I added fresh lettuce, onion, tomato, a little mayonnaise and I drizzled some Italian herb red wine vinegar over everything rather than use ketchup and mustard. Some baked French fries, also with a little vinegar and a couple slices of tomato and it was the equal of any beef burger I’ve eaten.

Black bean burgers come in a number of different varieties. There are the chipotle ones like I made tonight. Garden veggie burgers. Italian herb burgers. Almost anything you could want. They can be used as fillers in stews and soups. I like to cook one and top it with a couple of fried eggs, over easy. You can crumble them and use them as the base of burritos or tacos, too. You can also make them yourself, as Melinda has done. But you’ll have to ask her for the recipe.

Black bean burgers, baby! It’s da bomb.

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