Meeting Friends for Dinner

Grilled vegetable sandwich

Another area that causes vegetarians angst is where to go when dining with friends or family who eat meat. That happened last night as I met our son, Brad, and his family for his birthday dinner. He had said his family wanted to try Buffalo Wild Wings and I was OK with that, for reasons I’ll explain below. But we ended up at Sabores restaurant in Logan, another great place. Brad had chicken curry, Melanie had some kind of sandwich that she said was too hot (spicy) and the kids split a club sandwich. I chose a vegetarian option, grilled vegetables with pesto on ciabatta bread, with French fries. Which again raises the point that eating vegetarian doesn’t necessarily mean eating healthy.  French fries and fry sauce are definitely not on the good list.

I said I would have been OK with Buffalo Wild Wings and I would have. I was actually hoping they’d go there because it sounded really good. This brings me to a point I want to make about any diet, whether it’s low carb, gluten free, vegetarian or whatever. The rest of the world doesn’t have to accommodate you. Don’t play the “oh I can’t go there — they don’t have [whatever it is you need for your diet]” card.  It’s not endearing to your friends. It makes them constantly adjust to you. Either live with whatever limited choices you have where they want to go or politely decline. Just realize if you politely decline too many times you might come off their list of invitees. But that was your choice, just as the diet or meal plan or lifestyle or whatever you want to call it was your choice. So, if we had gone to Buffalo Wild Wings, I would either have gone hungry or eaten chicken (and those who know me know that going hungry is not an option). Simple as that.


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