Meatless Mongolian BBQ

Meatless Mongolian BBQ

It’s an oxymoron: meatless barbecue. But that’s what I had for dinner. On the road in Logan tonight I did’t want to cook but I also didn’t want a salad. Enter Hu Hot Mongolian BBQ. All I had to do was skip the bowls of meat and load up on noodles and veggies.

Today is one full week that I have been on the meatless August challenge. On Sunday, Melinda, Leah and I talked about the week. Leah says she feels more tired without meat. My guess is that’s because she was eating really clean to begin with. As for me, I feel like I have more energy. I felt stronger in both my Friday and Monday (today) workouts, which consist of 15 minutes of warmup on the elliptical trainer, where I do some intervals to get my heart rate up to 80-85% of my maximum heart rate, followed by a cool down and then weight training. Today I did upper body: chest, back, biceps, shoulders and abs. Friday I did legs, triceps ad abs. Both days I finished stronger even with increased weight than I had previously.

Leah made a good point, that vegetarian doesn’t automatically equal low calorie. She feels like she’s eating more and more junk food since she cut out her main source of lean ¬†protein, chicken breasts. As for me, though I’ve cut out meat I’m still eating occasional junk food like potato chips and candy and my daily portion of diet Coke (which isn’t just a 12-oz. can). By the way if you want to see my daughter in beast mode, check out her Instagram account, eatright_lovelife.

When I weighed myself this afternoon I was down 3 lbs., but since that was right after my workout I suspect it’s mostly water loss. I’m still taking in too many Calories. Tonight was a good example. It’s an all you can eat buffet, so of course I couldn’t stop at the one plate shown above. I went back for a second, though it wasn’t nearly as large as the picture. Still, it was more than the “portion” that is recommended for adults.

Anyway it’s on to Week 2.

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