Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

It’s here! the annually anticipated Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue has hit the newsstands. Soon millions of testosterone-fueled teenage boys will be pawing the pages.

The SI models are pretty tame by modern standards, though cover model Hannah Davis’ pose left little room for the imagination to work. Her bikini bottom was so low that TV shots of the cover photo had to be pixelated (TV talk for censored).

As I looked at the issue (yes, I picked it up and thumbed through it) it occurred to me that some of these models’ mothers hadn’t even been born when the first SI swimsuit issue hit the stands in 1964. That thought led me to wonder what happened to those first models, who are now in their 70s. Did they ever regret posing? Was it helpful in their careers? What did their children think when they saw mom in the 1969 issue?

I don’t have the answers and I don’t have the time nor inclination to track any of those early models down and ask. But I do recall one o the stories in a book called FML, which stands for F*** My Life, a common expression used by people to convey the feeling that their lives are horrible. In one of the stories (according to the preface in the book, all such stories are true, which makes the book funny), a teenage boy is going through some old boxes in the basement of his home and comes across a stack of Playboy magazines. He’s flipping through the pages when he realizes his mother is standing behind him. He turns, guiltily, to find her smiling.

“Did you see the March, 1979, issue?” she asks and then goes back upstairs to do motherly things.

The boy digs through the pile to find Miss March, 1979, his mother. FML!

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