Ordain Women, Part II

Conference weekend ended with the Ordain Women not being admitted to the Priesthood Session just like they weren’t back in October. At that session Dallin H. Oaks addressed the issue of women holding the priesthood in no uncertain terms. It is not God’s plan, he said. He repeated that while certain administrative tasks, such as when temples are built and where, what the Church does with it’s property and how it is run day-to-day has been delegated, certain matters, such as who may hold the priesthood, remain the sole province of Jesus Christ because this is his church.

Now the Ordain Women’s movement has an answer and the answer is “No.” They now face a choice. They can accept the answer as an answer to their prayers, although not one that they wanted, and move one to fulfill their unique responsibilities. That would be the preferable path. The other choice is to take their rebuff and Elder Oaks’ talk as further evidence that “men just don’t get it” and further marginalization of women. As I said in my last post, if you accept that this is the Lord’s church and that the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve are His apostles, then you take that latter position in open defiance to the God you profess to love and follow.


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